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the blog of pranas t. naujokaitis: rockstar cartoonist
24th-Oct-2011 12:54 pm - BRAVE BOY KNIGHT
To the few who still use LiveJournal and still follow me, my first published book is coming out TOMORROW!

The Totally Awesome Epic Quest of the Brave Boy Knight is a 40 page all-age comic aimed at young readers aged 4-8, but ANYONE can enjoy it.

Please go to Amazon and buy a copy (or two, or three, or seventy). Right now the hardcover is on sale for super cheap for only $8.52!

Oh, and I don't really use LJ anymore, but feel free to follow me on tumblr, since that is where I'm posting these days.

10th-Sep-2010 01:36 am - Small Press Expo 2010
This Saturday and Sunday I'll once again make the trek up to Bethesda, Maryland to attend the Small Press Expo! I think it'll be my fourth or fifth time? I keep losing track of these sort of things.

I'll be at table B5 with Brett Muller. Here is a handy map Brett made for you to follow:

Here are the new(ish) things I'll be selling this year...

Zak & Sara $3. Ok, this isn't really new. It's a minicomic I did back in 2008, just repackaged. The original was something huge like nine by nine inches and had a velcro flap (don't ask me why). This new printing is 4.25 by 4.25 inches (the same size as Monster Town). If you got this from me back in the day there is nothing new in this edition, just less velcro and a more manageable size.

Paranormal Hipsters, price TBD (but probably around a buck or two). Will be an SPX 2010 exclusive. Image above is not the finished product, just two of the pages. Amy is currently coloring this (yes, COLOR). This is similar to the 8 Pages of Monsters Doing Everyday Things that I did for SPX '08. Hmm, interesting that that monster book turned out to be a small teaser for the Monster Town project. I wonder what this year's book could be a teaser for? Hint hint!

Now, on to the oldies but goodies that will be at the table...

Monster Town $8 a bundle or $3 for each individual book. You know you want it.

Beard $5 I wanted to make an SPX exclusive zombie variant (purple hair, green skin), but ran out of time, so the regular edition will have to do. Maybe I'll make a run of zombie beards for the online store come Halloween. Hmm...

Boxcar Joe $5 I think after I run out of the current printing of this book I'm retiring it. It's had a very good run of almost three years. So if you haven't gotten it yet, now is the time.

And I'll have a bunch of random other comics like Omnology and the inkdick collections.

I'll also be selling a lot of original artwork (ranging from $8 to $60ish) and I think I'll start selling off inkdick originals. Still don't know how much. Maybe $20-$30?

Oh, and apparently I'm winning a Nerdlinger?

They are giving them out at the pre-SPX party at Atomic Books on Friday at 7PM, so I'll be at that. You should be there too.

I think that is all the SPX news I have. Hope to see some of you folks this weekend at table B5!
27th-May-2010 07:11 pm - The Ghost Car Press Store
The Ghost Car Press store is now live and I'm giving my twitter and LiveJournal followers a first look-see before I let the rest of the world see. Click the image to go see it and maybe buy some comics n' stuff.

The ghost car press store

So head on over to http://ghostcarpress.storenvy.com/ to get yourself some comics!

Oh, and look me up on twitter @pranas if you want a code to get 10% off on your order (code will expire Sunday night).
10th-Mar-2010 02:39 am - monster town preview
Made a blog post over on the inkdick site and figured I'd share a part of it on here.

Look, a preview for my next minicomic "Monster Town" (name may or may not change)!

I'm really worried I won't get this done in time for MoCCA. I have SO MUCH left to do on it! At least I'm only working at the day job four days a week now, so that will help out a little bit at least. Worst case scenario: I have two of the three books done for MoCCA and the final book and slipcase done for SPX.

Now, back to drawing some comics, go go go!
20th-Feb-2010 11:42 pm - Playing with brushes...
So I really, really, really  want to get good at inking with a brush (see, currently I kind of stink at it). So I'm going to practice, practice, practice until I get it right! So here are some ones that I tried out last night. I did everything in brush except my signature. Not bad for someone who hasn't really inked with a brush since 2006. But I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be!



I'm going to include these with some of the late iDonates that I am trying to get done and owe people.

My goal is to do my next minicomic project in nothing but brush.
2nd-Feb-2010 12:28 pm - HOURLY COMICS 2010
So I finally partook in Hourly Comic Day!
hourly comics 2010

Click the above image to go check them out! And while you're there, check out all the other amazing hourly comics that other amazing cartoonists did. They are the bee's knees I tell you what.
26th-Jan-2010 01:26 pm - read inkdick. read it.
You know, you guys should totally be reading my online journal comic inkdick.


I'm a little behind on these, but I am posting at least one every day, sometimes more. Check it out and tell all your friends, enemies, and frienemies.

I might turn this livejournal into a sketch blog or something down the road. Haven't decided yet.
15th-Jan-2009 12:23 am - hello
I should update this thing more, shouldn't I?
3rd-Oct-2008 07:12 am - SPX 2008!

(Oringinally posted on the inkdick blog, but I'm double posting it here for good measure)

Ok, so obviously you have noticed that I didn't get today's (well, yesterday's) strip up. The final prep for SPX took longer than expected. Much longer. And since I will be gone for the weekend and part of the week, no new inkdicks until Wednesday. After that, we'll be back on our regular schedule.

Also, I'm behind on getting the iDonate original artwork done, so if you said you'd be at SPX and would pick up your art there in person, sorry, it's not ready yet. Don't worry, I'll mail you your art when it's done (with something extra thrown in maybe as a way of saying sorry for the delay). It'll be mailed to you before Thanksgiving, I swear.

Now on to more SPX news. Here is what you can expect to see (and buy) from me this year at SPX:

Inkdick #1 and #2 ($2 each). Not only can you read the first two and a half months of inkdick off-line, but you can sport a pretty bitchin' mustache with them.

Inkdick #3 ($2). Look how clever I am, combing the top half of my cartoon-self face with the bottom half of my real-life face. Actually, this is not clever at all. But the comic itself is good.

Inkdick #4 ($2) Hot of the presses. Literally. I just got done making them 30 minutes ago.

Omnology ($1) and Boxcar Joe ($4) Omnology is a dirty, dirty comic. Boxcar Joe comes in a neat little slipcase that takes forever to make, but the end result is worth it.

Zak & Sara ($3) Don't tell Ben Folds, he'll sue me. The comic is help shut by a flap in the back with VELCRO. I repeat: VELCRO. How cool is that?

8 Pages of Monsters Doing Everyday Things (either $0.50 or $0.75, still haven't decided) A one-sided page no-staple color comic. Amy colored it and did an kick-ass job. This is an SPX 2008 exclusive, so once it's sold out, it's sold out forEVER.

Grunge Lobster #2 ($1) and Rocket Tonic Quarterly #3 ($0.75) AKA all the old shit. These two titles are soon to be retired and go out of print, so pick up the last copies while you still can if you'd like to remember Retro Pranas.

I am sharing a table with Falynn Koch and Kevin Singles at table B-16. Here is a map:

A very sweet location, no? We'll be between Drew & Eleanor and Brian Fukushima. Not a bad place to be. Not a bad place to be at all.

So if you are in the Bethesda, Maryland area come out this weekend to SPX, and if you will be there already, stop by the table and say hello. I'm not THAT socially awkward, I swear.

8th-Sep-2008 03:52 am - FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON INKDICK!


I am FINALLY caught up with inkdick, after a whole summer spent playing catch up. So that means no more posting up two strips everyday to get caught up. There is a new posting schedule, so listen up closely, kids.

Starting today there will only be ONE new inkdick posted up everyday. Comics will be posted TWO DAYS AFTER the day they happened. For example, a comic that happened on the 6th won't be posted up on the website until the 8th. Simple. Get it? Just come back everyday for a new strip. I will try my best to get the day’s strip posted up before noon everyday, but no promises, but it will be posted at some point during the day (unless in the case of trips and emergencies).

I hope THIS time I can actually stick to a daily schedule and don't fall behind the 8-ball again.


2nd-Sep-2008 12:51 pm - advertise?
So, um, would anyone like to advertise on inkdick? Because you totally can now if you want to.
10th-Aug-2008 01:44 am(no subject)
I'm taking the weekend off from posting up indicks. I'm a little behind and need to get caught up/take a breather.

Comics will get back to their regular positng schedule of two comics a day starting Monday.

To make up for my suckage this weekend, here is a video of a kitten.
Now for those of you not living in Savannah this will mean nothing to you, but for those of you living here this is what we've all been waiting for...


FUCK YEAH! It only took this city 25 years to catch up with the rest of the country.
2nd-Aug-2008 11:05 am(no subject)
Uh oh, looks like somebody got a new and REAL e-mail address. No more student.scad.edu e-mail crap for me!

inkdickSo in case you haven't noticed, inkdick, the journal comic I've been doing since April, is back up and running. I got behind posting them, and got way fucking behind doing them. Yeah, I got the semi-valid excuse that I was in the middle of finals and in the middle of moving to a new house, and that my crappy scanner broke on me (literally, shattered glass everywhere), but excuses are lame. So I'm back up and running.

So, until I get caught back up, I WILL BE POSTING 2 TO 3 INKDICKS UP EVERYDAY. That's right, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Until I get all caught up again. Right now I'm about a month behind (June 29th is the last completed strip I have so far, but I'm working on it) and at my current schedule I won't get caught up until mid to late-August. At that point I'll try to post up a day behind, so there will be one new comic up everyday. But we'll get to that bridge when we cross it.

For now, check the site everyday for updates, and be sure to click the "previous" button to view the other comics I post up that day. Afterall, you don't want to miss any days in my exciting life, right? (Spoiler alert: An upcoming strip deals with me shopping for canned corn. Exciting, I know.)

This posting schedule will be good, trust me. You get an ass-load of inkdicks (that sounds dirty, I am sorry) and I am forced to create at LEAST two inkdicks a day just to stay ahead of my posting schedule and that will force me to get caught up faster and be able to spend more time on other (better) comic projects, instead of having these journal comics looming over my head.

Sorry I got behind, but I'm back for a long while. Get used to it.
30th-Jun-2008 10:33 pm - my problem as of late...
i need to re-fall in love with being an artist again.

i need to re-fall in love with comics.

please hold...

Lookie. lookie! More inkdicks have been put up (9 in total!), so head on over and check them out! I'm going to try and get more timely with these, so check back every few days for new stuff. Ideally, I'd like to get it where I post up a comic once a day, but that may take a few weeks, once I get internet and all that jazz set up at my new pace.

I've gotten a lot of good and positive feedback on these, so I'm going to keep going on with them for as long as I can.

But enjoy the comics, and please help spread the word! Tell all your friends! If you don't have any friends? Get off the internet and make some, and then tell them to go read my comic.
21st-May-2008 01:09 pm - inkdick is now LIVE

inkdick, the first in a line of Ghost Car Press webcomics, is now live and open for business! Go there and check it out, and if you like it, bookmark it visit it over and over!

Right now I only have a month of comics up (March 24-April 23), still need to post up some more of the older ones. The new strips will be up sometime next week, so go back and check those out.

Spread the word, please!

And for those of you that have been upset because I haven't been posting up any new Rocket Tonics for the past few months? Well, take a wild guess at what the SECOND Ghost Car Press webcomic is going to be...wink!
19th-May-2008 01:03 pm - oh me, oh my
oh dear... it looks like somebody went ahead and registered http://ghostcarpress.com...
13th-Apr-2008 09:07 pm - FLUKE, it was a hoot
FLUKE was awesome, got a lot of good books, caught up with old friends, met lots of new people, and sold more than I thought I would.

Saying I am behind on getting up old strips is an understatement.

I need to get a real website. Soon.

Should I do grad school in Atlanta?
sorry for not really posting much the last few months. It's been a horrible quarter in school for me, which is weird because I've grown so much as an artist this quarter and have accomplished many things I've never done before, but it was still horrible.

A small taste of the horribleness:
  • Only got about 5 Rocket Tonics done, so my strip was only in the paper half of the quarter
  • Had at least 3 (maybe 4) mental breakdowns all in the span of a week and a half early this month
  • I majorly dislike my art history class and wrote the worst paper I have ever written in my life for that class.
  • Found out some of my friends can be major asshats at times
  • THE BIGGIE: Was in a bike accident and fucked up my right (drawing) hand! This fucked me up with finals, just drawing in general, with the Comixtravaganza, etc. and sent me into a state of depression because if I can't draw what's the point of existing? It's getting slowly better and I should see a doctor, but I have to wait until after finals because I have sooooo much work. :(
To leave things off on a brighter note (and to make myself feel better), and list the good things of this quarter:
  • Valentine's Day (rest of the info here is personal ;) )
  • I made/am in the process of making three awesome mini-comics that are making me push my own limits as far as mini-comic production goes.
  • Actually used photo emulsion to make a screenprint
  • Accomplished a TWO color screenprint
  • Wrote some awesome poetry and got back into that
  • Won the armor last week (it's an RA thing)
  • Found out I had some pretty amazing friends
  • Made 70 bucks at the Zine Fair and made lots of awesome trades
  • I feel like I've entered the "next stage" of my mini-comic life, moving away from simple computer printed covers, saddle-stapled half size comics and moving towards screenprinted and hand-crafted works of art
Because lists are fun, here's what I want to accomplish next quarter, my last FULL quarter as an undergrad
  • See a doctor and have this hand get better
  • Set up a website (and online store)
  • Clean my room
  • Get table for SPX and maybe team-up with someone
  • A Rocket Tonic for EVERY week of the quarter, no missed weeks
  • Rocket Tonic Quarterly #4 and collect the first three into a big volume
  • Two minis by the summer (GL#4? 77 Samurai? others?)
  • Over break reprint massive runs of Omnology, Zak and Sara, Boxcar Joe, and Beard
  • Write a feature length script
  • See my academic adviser
  • Get a place with Andy and others for the summer and next year
  • Actually post my comics up on LJ again
  • Be happy
  • More that I can't think of right now
So there is only a week left in the quarter that has been eating me alive. I look forward to spring break. It will be good, yes, good, and next quarter will be much better I feel, yes. I'll try to post all the old comics up during that week when I am not stressed. Thank you for bearing with me for the time being.

Turns out I still had a few comics from last year to post up still. And on top of that, I haven't posted in a month. YIKES! Lots of things have been going on, among them...
  • I got a new bike today (me posting this comic late is semi-ironic, I guess). I am going to miss Mordecai-259, but he served well for over ten years. Life goes on...
  • I printed Zak & Sara, but I messed up the covers, so I'm going back to reprint. Still trying to get the hang of screen printing. They should be ready in time for the Zine Fair on the 22nd.
  • I caved in and bought Guitar Hero III

The dude from Jaws is dead. That sucks.
8th-Jan-2008 02:23 pm - rocket tonic 057 run, ned, run...

I think this is the last rocket tonic i did in 2007. I don't know, there mioght be one or two more that i forgot about. I'm back at SCAD now, so I'm going to get started soon on the 2008 rocket tonics. Should be fun. I am going to be super busy this quarter. I have to produce 70 pages of comics in ten weeks for my mini-comics class. so by spring, I'll have lots of mini-comics for sale, hooray!
31st-Dec-2007 01:05 am - rocket tonic 056 easy money...

true story.

it's hard to draw comics when all you've got is nubs.

in two days i leave woodbridge for a long, long time. hopefully that will get me out of my funk.
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